So May has been over for a little while, but I am catching up on blogging, and I wanted to share this with you because they brought me so much joy to create!

I’ve recently fallen in love with Instagram – there are so many creative ideas bouncing about there, and it’s such a joyful and inspiring space! One of the cool things I’ve found is an amazing and huge community of illustrators. There’s all sorts of monthly challenges and things that anyone and everyone can participate in, which is so open and fun. May on Instagram was “Mermay”. Illustrators everywhere were drawing mermaids every day throughout the month! I didn’t draw a whole month of mermaids – but when I heard that one of the days was DC superhero themed, I decided to give it a shot, and do a DC mermaid week!

I had so much fun creating all of these mermaids! They are all inked in Sakura Pigma micron and brush pens, and painted with Sakura Koi watercolours.

Day 1: Wonder Woman

 Day 2: Killer Frost 

Day 3: Supergirl

Day 4: Starfire

Day 5: Poison Ivy

Day 6: Catwoman

Day 7: Stargirl

I love drawing superheroes, it feels so empowering 🙂 And mermaids are always fab! I learned so much from this fun little week!