Matilda the Musical.

Matilda the Musical.

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This week I went to see Matilda, and I was every inch as enchanted as I hoped I would be. I’ve always loved the book, with its tiny brilliant heroine, and ever since I heard the songs from the soundtrack, I have been so excited to see the musical. It finally has arrived in New Zealand, and I am so glad!


The staging, choreography and music are all so beautifully done. It balances on the edge of the darker, sinister themes that are an important part of the story, while maintaining a joyful, playful optimism throughout. It’s quirky, delightful, and everything it should be. It is its own art form – it deviates from the book in several creative ways – but I actually didn’t mind that at all. It really captured the heart of the story, and that’s so much more important I think!

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This week has been a hard one for me, largely because of things that are outside of my control. Matilda too, is stuck with some circumstances outside of her control, and I enjoyed watching her power on fearlessly regardless. I especially enjoy the song “Naughty”:

Although I have no plans to dye my ex-boyfriend’s hair green in the imminent future, it sure is rather refreshing to consider these possibilities 😉


Noor Unnahar.

I recently discovered the poetry of Noor Unnahar – a 19 year old from Pakistan with wisdom beyond her years and beauty in her words.

She combines her poetry with beautiful visuals, and posts them on her Instagram page, which is just a TREASURE TROVE of poems like this one.

She’s just released her first poetry book, “yesterday i was the moon“.

This poem, called “i am building”, is my favourite.

Longer Review of Wonder Woman

Longer Review of Wonder Woman

I wanted to share this because oh my gosh, it’s just everything I feel about this fantastic movie ❤ Also, my friend writes the most fun movie reviews about town, if you like fun, you should definitely go check these out 😉



I saw Wonder Woman for the third time today and I realised I need to say a lot more about it. In the first ten minutes we see women of colour, we see physically strong women and we see women with complex relationships and complex emotions. All we see is amazing women doing amazing things and it’s so ridiculous that I’ve never seen that many women on screen actually doing shit before. Diana herself is so good and so full of joy and justice and so fucking strong that she lights up the screen with confidence and hope. The supporting characters are also pretty diverse and are actually good friends who help each other to defeat the bad guys which is such a remarkable change from the testosterone-fuelled in-fighting and go-it-alone nonsense of so many superhero movies. And you know what else, Wonder Woman doesn’t fuck around with not killing…

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The Magnificent Lauren Child.

The Magnificent Lauren Child.


Yesterday, Mum and I went to a talk given by Lauren Child, as part of the Auckland Writers Festival. This was EXTREMELY THRILLING for me.

I feel like I grew up on the Clarice Bean books. I read and read and re-read them. My favourite parts of them, though, were always the bits about child super-brain secret agent, Ruby Redfort. In these books we got tiny glimpses into the Ruby novels and TV series that Clarice devoured, and I felt a kinship with Clarice as I, too, devoured every glimpse we got. I laboriously copied and compiled every Ruby Rule we saw, in chronological order, into my own Ruby Rules notebook – to help me out on my own secret agent missions of course 😉

I dreamed and wished that the Ruby Redfort books were real – and when I was sixteen, to my enormous surprise and delight, my wish came true. It seems that I was not the only child wishing that Ruby was real, because children requested, and Lauren wrote! Each of the past six years has brought a new Ruby book, and the entire series has been wonderful, and perfect, and everything I had hoped they would be. With their complicated codes, nail-biting mysteries, wonderfully nefarious villains and infinitely endearing characters, they were pure gems.

Lauren Child is also a pure gem. Sometimes when you see somebody in real life, they’re somehow not what you thought they might be, but as with Ruby, this was most definitely not so. She was witty and brilliant and funny, and Mum and I loved every minute of her talk. She talked about illustrating and feminism and thrillers and superheroes and the unexpected, and it was all just marvelous and refreshing and inspiring.

The last Ruby book arrived at the point when I was really my most unwell, and it was a ray of sunshine in quite a dark time. And now that I am recovering, and taking baby steps back into being creative again, and trying new things again, and just starting to feel like me again, this talk came at a time where I really need sparkling moments like these.

Lauren Child, I’ve never met you, but I feel like you have given me so much.

Thank you.