Polaroid Series 1: Hello Kitty.

Polaroid Series 1: Hello Kitty.

When I left Singapore to come home to New Zealand, I felt a bit flat. I wasn’t in a great place, and ending my exchange early because I got whammied with depression definitely wasn’t how I planned things!! It sort of felt like my lovely adventure was just fizzling out. The day before I came home, my lovely boyfriend took me out on a mystery adventure – which turned out to be to buy a Polaroid Instax 8 camera, in glorious pastel yellow 😊 I’ve been coveting one of these beauties for years, but always dismissed it as a luxury that I couldn’t really afford. But it turns out, it’s been much more than a luxury item. It’s given me something new to learn and a new lens to see my home environment through. It’s given me a sense of adventure in being at home.

I’m on to my third pack of film now, so I’m blogging these a bit belatedly, but I wanted to share these experiences with you. Both the pictures that turned out well, and the ones that we’ll just call learning experiences πŸ˜‰

#1: This photo of the sky turned out so well! Beginner’s luck πŸ˜›

#2: Tried to take a mirror photo so that I could take a photo of the camera… But this camera has a flash that you can’t turn off! So this one was definitely a learning experience πŸ˜›

#3 & #4 are the beach on two different days… ahh exposure, you fickle friend. Still working on finding that inbetween! I’m learning that the late afternoon can be a little bit tricky. The rest of the day the automatic settings are pretty reliable, but towards late afternoon a slightly higher exposure than what the camera recommends seems to work a little better!

#5: I tried to take a photo of the pretty breakfast Mum made for me – but the focus ended up landing on a chair in the background! πŸ˜… Still learning about distancing from objects and where the camera throws the focus!

#6: So happy with this one of some roses my Dad bought for me πŸ™‚ They look so dramatic!

#7: This one of my Nana and Grandad is my absolute favourite so far ❀

#8: Another roses photo in which I attempted a close up. It’s arty? πŸ™‚

#9: If you look reaaaally closely, you might be able to spot my bear Puds!

#10: Another beach shot full of learning!

And that’s all for now in adventures in instant photography with Sarah! Tune in next time for MONSTERS INC πŸ˜›



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